Hand Truck Tires

How To Install a Marathon Universal Fit Hand Truck Tire

Download it as a PDF here.

You will need:

  • Pliers
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Hammer
  • Marathon Universal Fit Hand Truck Tire


Step One:

  • Put on your gloves and eye protective-wear.
  • Put the hand truck on the ground or on a solid surface with the wheels facing up.

Step Two:

  • Remove your old tire from your hand truck axle. Typically your tire will be held on by a cotter pin, lock washer, or an axle cap.
  • You will need to remove the item that holds on your wheel and remove the old tire from the axle.

Step Three:

  • Your Universal Fit Hand Truck Tire comes standard with an offset hub and 5/8″ bearings. If your tire fits well, replace tire on axle and skip to step five.
  • If this configuration does not fit your axle, additional bushings and spacers are included.
  • Please see step number four for installation instructions.

Step Four – Adaptor Kit (if necessary)::

  • If the standard 5/8″ bearings do not fit your axle , ¾” bushings have been included with your tire. Please see our “How to Change a Tire Bearing Video” at http://youtu.be/g29pW907xFI for installation instructions. If your tire is able to slide from side to side on the axle, it is important to use the provided spacers to create a tight fit. If other size axle bushings or spacers are required, please contact Marathon Customer Service at 877-425-1640 or at customerservice@marathonind.com and we will mail you other available bushings and spacers at no charge.

Step Five:

  • Replace your old tire with your new Marathon Universal Fit Hand Truck Tire and secure the tire to the axle using the item removed in step number two.
  • Replacement lock washers are included in the kit.

Step Six:

  • Repeat the process to replace the other hand truck tire. Enjoy the use of your newly restored hand truck!